stranger danger and dogs; people safety with dogs

Stranger Danger and Dogs

Stranger Danger and Dogs How to Help Minimize Frightening Situations for Your Pet. There’s good news and bad news if your pet is nervous around strangers.  The good news is that the general public is gaining more knowledge about safe ways to interact (or not) with strange dogs and their owners.  More and more people

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View from a plane window

Flying with Your Pet

Come Fly Away With Me A Short Guide to Safely Flying with Your Pet. Summer travel is on the rise as we plan our much-needed vacations.  If you’re making plans to bring the entire family, this is one article you want to read.  Many vacations are great for road trips, but there are other destinations

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Dog Paws

Nutrition & Nails

Choosing the Right Pet Food Shouldn’t Be a Nail Biter Making Healthy Foods Simple You don’t eat food with thirteen syllable additives, supplements, and byproducts, so how do you do the same for your pet? Big store dry and wet pet foods often contain fillers which lack the nutrients your pets need for healthy skin,

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seniors man and woman walking side by side outdoors with man walking dog

Pets & Senior Citizens

Benefits Popular culture and media show us that people of all ages benefit from pets. Seniors especially benefit from this type of relationship. Pets not only enhance seniors’ lives but also improve their health. There are many amazing benefits that pets can bring into an elderly person’s life. Pets provide a comfort system and help

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dog in exam room being scanned for microchip - microchip technologies for your pet

Microchip Technologies for Your Pet

Microchip Technologies for Your Pet A Small Chip, with a Big Impact Our pets are an important part of our family. We take important steps to keep them healthy and safe. Diet, exercise, registering them and keeping their tags up to date are all small steps that add up to safeguard our beloved pets. Now,

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black and white border collie playing with toy on grass. - pet care

Daily Activity for Dogs

The amount of daily activity for dogs will differ depending on the breed, age, and health of your dog.

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Person feeding a small dog a treat

What Amount of Dog Treats Do I Feed My Dog?

Think of the last time you popped open a bag of potato chips. Did you eat just one?

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keeping your pets safe on halloween

Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

You’ve worked hard to feed your pets a healthy and balanced diet.

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Dog running in the field - Northwest Naturals

The Benefits of a Raw Pet Food Diet

There are many benefits of a raw pet food diet, which allows them to develop and maintain a healthy digestive system.

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Dog hanging out the window of a car with its tongue out

Camping with Your Dog

With a little bit of preparation, you can bring your canine companion along on your next camping trip for a relaxing getaway. 

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