two dogs on leashes meeting - dog park etiquette

Dog Park Etiquette

Going to the dog park and want to make sure you’re following the best doggy socializing practices?

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little girl in english garden with puppy - purples and greens and an old wooden fence - pet pictures

Taking Great Pet Pictures

We all know that photographing your pets is a much different task than snapping some pictures of friends, family, or a beautiful landscape.

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Toothbrush w/bubbles - Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Matters

If a dog’s diet is nutritionally adequate, how can dental disease be so prevalent?  Maybe we need to take a look at diet.

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black lab with hair net dog baths

Dogs and Baths, Oh My!

Dog breeds that require a haircut should be seen by a professional groomer for the first time, somewhere between 2-6 months of age.

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Bison & Beef dog food by Northwest Naturals | Raw diet for dogs

Benefits of a Bison/Beef Formula

Bison & Beef Dinner for Dogs provides great benefits of bison in a convenient and affordable way to feed your pet.

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Photo of Nuggets

Northwest Naturals the Shape of Things

September, 2017 – Over the past few months, we have adjusted the shape of our Raw Frozen & Freeze Dried Nuggets and Freeze Dried treats to a shape that is better suited for our equipment and manufacturing processes. With these changes in shape we have saved on our ever growing cost of energy, labor and ingredient costs. This allows us to keep the finished product cost in check and provide you, as always, a great value.

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Pet Fooled documentary

“Pet Fooled” Documentary

An investigative exposé of the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry, Pet Fooled is an eye-opening documentary that all pet owners should watch.

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Kitten looking off into the distance

Why a Raw Diet is So Important for Cats

Cats are Obligate Carnivores, or “true” carnivores, which means that they depend only on the nutrients found in prey animals for survival. They have a need for an Essential Fatty Acid, or EFA, called arachidonic acid which plays a vital role in fat utilization and energy production. This particular EFA is found primarily in raw meat.

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Raw Meaty Bones from Northwest Naturals

Raw Bone Benefits

Proper dental maintenance is essential to prevent periodontal disease and promote healthy teeth and gums in pets. Though a daily brushing is an excellent way to keep up on dental health, the most effective way to get rid of plaque build-up is offering your pet a raw meaty bone.

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Overweight dog next to healthy dog

Fruit and Veggie Nuggets

Ingredients and Their Benefits

Broccoli – A plant in the cabbage family. It is high in vitamin C, calcium, soluble fiber, and also contains multiple nutrients, making broccoli a “super food” to support health and wellness.

Sweet Potato…

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