Rawkstar Retailers – Youngblood Natural Animal Care Center and Massage

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Rawkstar Retailers – Youngblood Natural Animal Care Center and Massage

Youngblood Animal Massage Therapy

was founded in 2013 and is a mother/daughter-owned business with a foundation based on God. “We have a close, nurturing, and loving relationship with all of our animals including cats, dogs, horses, sheep, chickens, and cattle.”

“Our business started in 2013 after my animals became ill and traditional veterinary medicine wasn’t working. I started with animal massage and rehab services then people started asking about food and supplements. The demands were there so we took the jump and rented a 100sq ft storefront. We outgrew that space and rented a 1,500 sq ft place which we also eventually outgrew. Now we are in a cool church!”

What customers should know when visiting

“That our focus is your pet! All we do and sell and all the selections we offer are for your pet. To help them have happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. We thrive to carry only the very best food, meats, supplements, 10ys, etc., and want you to feel safe and confident when you shop with us.”

What makes Youngblood unique?

“Well, that’s a fun question! We are a quirky mother-and-daughter duo – I am the quirkiest! Our foundation is based on God and our goals are animal health and wellness. We have 10 freezers of raw food plus fresh meats, a vast array of supplements”

Favorite Northwest Naturals Product

“Hands down – 6lb Frozen Raw Nuggets! Top seller! Everyone loves the nuggets – so convenient to feed and the variety of protein is the best” Our 6lb bag of Raw Frozen Nuggets are The Original Raw Nugget Diet.

Why is it important to shop locally?

“Supporting your community is vital to the success of those around you. You will not get the one on one support and knowledge from ig stores as you will from your local businesses. Ou are supporting someones dream and making the dreams come true”



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