Cat Food

Northwest Naturals Raw Diets for Cats

Northwest Naturals offers high protein diets for cats.  A True Carnivore Diet! 

We use the same meats found at your finest natural food stores. All of our muscle and organ meats are chopped (not ground) partially frozen at the time of processing to ensure the availability of the highest quality nutrients, then individually quick frozen to keep the integrity of the ingredient quality.

Our recipes are very simple, using muscle meat, organ meats and natural raw ground bone, all from the same species. No added fruits or vegetables.

Be sure to shop your local communities and retailers by finding a store near you.

Frozen Cat Nibbles

Naturally nutritious, convenient and easy to feed.  Complete and balanced diets that are the perfect size nibbles for cats.

Frozen Cat Nibbles

Freeze Dried Cat Nibbles

These diets are the same formulas as our Raw Frozen Diets in a freeze dried form.  All the natural nutrition in a more convenient form.

Raw Freeze Dried diets for cats

Raw Rewards Treats

Single ingredient freeze dried treats.  Convenient to feed and break apart easily for smaller pets. Available in a wide variety of proteins.

Freeze Dried Pet Treats

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