Dinner Bars

Northwest Naturals Dinner Bars (25lb Bulk Bars)

Northwest Naturals Bulk Bars conveniently snap into ¼ lb. pieces for easy serving and storage in your freezer. Great for individual meals for dogs.

Quick Snap Dinner Bars for Dogs from Northwest Naturals

Dinner Bar features include:

  • “SNAP QUICK”   – each 1lb bar is scored in approximately 1/4 lb (4oz) servings—easy to snap into portions.
  • QUICK THAW  – convenience for freshness (you only thaw what you need).
  • CONVENIENCE  – Bulk cases are convenient for large dog families, multiple dog families or those pet parents that have room to store a larger quality. Northwest Naturals Bulk Bars can be easily separated and re-wrapped to store in your freezer for individual meals.

To purchase Northwest Naturals Dinner Bars, use our store locator to find a list of local stores available in your area.

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