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Northwest Naturals Raw Diets for Dogs

Northwest Naturals offers a variety of nutritious options with multiple proteins and uses only the highest quality manufacturing and ingredients. Shop your local communities and retailers by finding a store near you.

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The Original Raw Nugget Diet. Raw diets for dogs that have natural and healthy ingredients. Conveniently pours like kibble for easy serving and portion control.

The Original Raw Nuggets for Dogs!

Bulk Bars

Northwest Naturals Bulk Bars conveniently snap into ¼ lb. pieces for easy serving and storage in your freezer. Great for individual meals for dogs.

25lb Bulk Dinner Bars from Northwest Naturals


Northwest Naturals Chubs are a great cost-effective way to feed a complete and balanced raw diet. Great for large or multiple dog families.

Beef, Chicken, Chicken & Salmon, Lamb, Turkey, & Whitefish & Salmon Chubs from Northwest Naturals

Freeze Dried Diets

Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Recipes are the same formulas as our Raw Frozen Recipes. No need to be kept frozen and are great for treats and training.

Freeze Dried Diets for Dogs from Northwest Naturals

Raw Meaty Bones

Northwest Naturals Raw meaty bones may be added to your pet’s daily diet as a treat or a snack. Raw bones are a natural source of protein, fat, and minerals.

Raw Frozen Meaty Bones

Nuggets – Veggie and Fruit

Northwest Naturals Veggie and Fruit Nuggets are a great source of natural vitamins and minerals that can be added to your dogs current diet or as a treat.

Veggie & Fruit Nuggets for Dogs from Northwest Naturals

Raw Rewards Treats

Single ingredient treats – Grain Free – Gluten Free

Freeze dried treats easily break into pieces for quick use for feeding or training. Available in a wide variety of proteins.

Freeze Dried Pet Treats for Dogs & Cats from Northwest Naturals

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