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Calculator for Raw Frozen Diets for Dogs

Calculator for Raw Freeze Dried Diets for Dogs

Calculator for Raw Frozen Diets for Cats

Calculator for Raw Freeze Dried Diets for Cats

Feeding Guidelines are approximate and may vary as every pet has different metabolic requirements. Thaw in the refrigerator prior to feeding. Raw Frozen Nuggets will retain optimal freshness for 3 – 5 days under refrigeration. Puppies and Lactating Females – divide daily portions into 3 – 4 meals daily. Adults and Seniors – divide daily portions into 2 meals daily.

Transition Feeding: To transition your pet to a raw diet, start by gradually reducing the current diet by approximately ¼ and replacing with the frozen nuggets. You can crumble the thawed nuggets over the current diet or feed as a separate meal. Gradually increase the portion of raw frozen and reduce the current diets over 7 – 10 days until transition is complete.

Supplemental Feeding: Northwest Naturals can also be used in addition to your pets’ current diet as it provides bio-available nutrients for optimal health. Use Northwest Naturals as a treat, a meal topper or you can substitute one meal a day.

Please follow Safe Handling Guidelines when handling raw pet food.