Nugget Diets

The Original Raw Nuggets for Dogs!

6lb Nuggets


“Easy to pour right from the bag and into the bowl”

A 6 pound resealable, easy-carry bag holds IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) nuggets which weigh approximately .20 oz each, 80 to the pound. The formulas are ground, formed and then quick frozen at -30° for 10 minutes.  Open the bag and pour the proper feeding amount into your dogs bowl. The small nuggets will thaw quickly and are small enough for the tiniest dogs or puppies. The pourable feature means that you never handle the raw product and you place the portion you do not use back into the freezer.

Great and convenient to add to your pet’s current diet or give as treats. Reduce the amount of kibble and add natural, healthy ingredients!

Now available in 15 pound boxes

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15lb nuggets


Available in:

It’s As Easy To Feed As Kibble!