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Quarterly Training 1

Welcome to your Quarterly Training 1

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How does Northwest Naturals freeze dry their pet food?

What makes NWN raw freeze dried food safe for my pet?

Is NWN Freeze Dried pet food still considered Raw?

Why are freeze dried diets so popular?

What are pet parents NOT concerned about feeding a raw diet?

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NWN Quiz 22a

Welcome to your NWN Quiz 22a

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1. Northwest Naturals is Manufactured in:

2. What are three essential benefits of a raw diet:

3. Why do NWN raw diets differ in color and texture:

4. What Makes Northwest Naturals Raw Food Safe for My Pet?

5. Why is NWN Good for Pets with Food Sensitivity?

6. Why does NWN use Individually Quick Freezing (IQF):

7. Some benefits of feeding Raw Bones:

8. What are the benefits of Veggie and Fruit Nuggets:

9. Benefits of feeding a Raw diet:

10. Northwest Naturals uses the following safety protocol:

11. What role do enzymes play in a raw diet:

12. What role does intracellular moisture play in a raw diet:

13. What are the Benefits in Only Feeding a Small Amount of NWN?

14. Which NWN formulas are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for all life stages including growth for large pets:

15. What does a Positive Release Program mean?

16. What is the benefit of garlic:

17. High Pressure Cold Processing:

18. NWN Feeding Guidelines are calculated based on:

19. NWNs treats are especially good for pets with allergies because:

20. How is the USDA involved with Northwest Naturals?

21. Northwest Naturals Cat Food Recipes are:

22. The following makes Northwest Naturals different:

23. What NWN product would you like a free bag of:

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NWN Quiz Cat 20

Welcome to your NWN Quiz Cat 20

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1. Cats are:

2. Northwest Naturals' cat food is rich in:

3. Northwest Naturals' cat food comes in these forms:

4. The following nutrients are especially important for felines:

5. Cats are:

6. The six recipes of cat food that Northwest Naturals makes are:

7. Our cat food contains ground flaxseed because:

8. Cats are imprint eaters:

9. For product and food handling safety NWN cat foods are:

10. Our cat food recipe ingredients are sourced from:

11. Our cat food is made in:

12. Why are kelp and dulse included in the NWN cat food recipes:

13. Optimum shelf life for unopened freeze dried cat food is:

14. Northwest Naturals sources cat food proteins from:

15. You can smash the nibbles with a fork and add water to form a pate' if your cat prefers that texture:

16. Northwest Naturals cat recipes are:

17. All of our cat food diets:

18. NWN's frequent buyer loyalty program:

19. NWN's cat recipe formula is:

20. Northwest Naturals is:

21. What NWN product would you like a free bag of: