NWN Quiz Cat 20

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NWN Quiz Cat 20

Welcome to your NWN Quiz Cat 20

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1. Cats are:

2. Northwest Naturals' cat food is rich in:

3. Northwest Naturals' cat food comes in these forms:

4. The following nutrients are especially important for felines:

5. Cats are:

6. The six recipes of cat food that Northwest Naturals makes are:

7. Our cat food contains ground flaxseed because:

8. Cats are imprint eaters:

9. For product and food handling safety NWN cat foods are:

10. Our cat food recipe ingredients are sourced from:

11. Our cat food is made in:

12. Why are kelp and dulse included in the NWN cat food recipes:

13. Optimum shelf life for unopened freeze dried cat food is:

14. Northwest Naturals sources cat food proteins from:

15. You can smash the nibbles with a fork and add water to form a pate' if your cat prefers that texture:

16. Northwest Naturals cat recipes are:

17. All of our cat food diets:

18. NWN's frequent buyer loyalty program:

19. NWN's cat recipe formula is:

20. Northwest Naturals is:

21. What NWN product would you like a free bag of: