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Rawkstar Retailer – Bones 2 Go

Bones 2 Go

Bones 2 Go (B2G) was started to provide a “one stop shop” for raw feeders and people curious about raw food to get knowledgeable support about how to switch, what to feed and why a raw diet was better for the lives of their pets. Tracey and her husband Allan, the owners, wanted to provide a great selection of raw food items to cater to all who wanted to improve their pets’ diets, from commercial conveniently packaged food all the way through to large bulk cases for the DIY raw feeder. Tracey’s passion was to teach everyone how to make their own food combinations with bulk cases so that ultimately, there would be no need for their services… spoiler alert, that is not what happened.

20 Years Ago

Bones 2 Go opened with a soft opening in 2002 as a home based business. It quickly outgrew the tiny space set aside at Tracey’s home and she moved into a brick and mortar commercial building in August of 2003. Next year B2G will be celebrating 20 years of successful business.


“Unlike 90% of the “why” stories, we really did, legitimately have very few raw food choices back when we opened. It was during the ascent of the popularity of considering the “give your dog a bone” movement lead by Dr Ian Billinghurst’s (book of the same title). While many old school breeders and owners had always had a little raw or cooked stew in their feeding rotation, I don’t think any other person single handedly had such a broad influence on the interest in putting something better in our pet’s bowls than Dr Billinghurst’s did. I was tired of spending all my time driving from one grocery store to another to assemble everything I needed to meal prep my dog’s food and thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a grocery store just for pets? There wasn’t one, so I created one!”

The Owners

The owners of B2G are a husband and wife team. “Myself, Tracey, who runs the business, selects the products and does all the “business” and “fun” related portions of the store. And husband Allan, my partner in every sense of the word, helps me with a behind the scenes. A shoulder to cry on when things don’t go well, is my greatest cheerleader regardless of how things are going, and does all my technical support and more. But really, the co-owners of the business have also been incredible and every single person that has walked through the door for the past 20 years, for good or bad, each has contributed something to what is B2G. Whether it was customers, suppliers, vendors, reps or employees, each has left a little piece of themselves here and I am thankful for the lessons learned, the lessons taught, and the friendships made.” (Tracey)

What makes B2G unique?

Having a personal touch experience is what sets B2G apart from other stores and Tracey is a huge part of that, being able to make good decisions for her customers with a hands on approach. “Not to be immodest, but first and foremost, I believe I am what makes B2G unique. I have ultimate control over the curation of what we offer, the decisions for what we don’t offer and the advice and support we give as well as the entire customer experience offered.” (Tracy). Aside from that, they strive to offer a fun and exciting venue that specializes in raw feeding for customers to come to, enjoy their time finding what they need and what they didn’t know they needed until they got here.

“We don’t LOOK like a typical pet supply store, and we are not!” (Tracy). When you walk into B2G, you will notice they have two large walks in freezers with 20 glass doors and an additional 14 free standing freezers on the shop floor for customers to shop from. They have a very, very small selection of dry dog and cat food only kept for natural disasters from tropical storms causing power outages that last up to 3 weeks where frozen raw would not suffice. They don’t even sell canned dog food at all.

Shopping Local

“There are some things that you just can’t get ‘off the internet’. When you support your local store, you are developing a relationship, understanding who you are talking to and that you can trust them, they will remember you and your interactions, your dogs and their needs and quirks. Your local store is more willing to find a special product for you and order it and hold things for you because of that relationship. Local shopping provides jobs for local people in the community, opportunities to support local events – both pets related, and non-pet related that improve the community” (Tracy).

Giving Back to the Community

B2G does a lot to give back to their community inside their doors and out. “At Bones 2 Go we are able to provide well-paying jobs to our employees in our community. We offer discounts and ‘damaged’ goods to our rescue groups that shop with us. There are also adoption event opportunities for local groups to show case their available animals. We provide raw food deliveries to events held locally so out of town visitors are still able to get raw food for their pets when away from home. We offer educational events from learning about essential oils and how to use with our pets, to basic raw feeding education and soon teaching opportunities for local instructors in basic obedience, nose work and more” (Tracy).

The B2G Team

Since the pandemic, lots of things have shifted. However, B2G has been able to push through with a few key people. “My production crew Alex and Noy, has been with me almost the entire 20 years I have been in business and my office manager, Paula has been with me for almost 15 years. My retail side was steady and consistent the first 15 years I was open, but in the past five years there has been a change in how people view retail work… sadly, “service” today tends to be looked down upon as a career choice… I am optimistic that as things improve, we will be able to add more great people to our team. I am blessed to have found Chandler who is running the store for me now. She has the can do attitude that is needed for success, and I wish I could clone her!” (Tracey).

“I would like to say that my success is not achieved alone. Aside from my team, my customers are the reason B2G exists at all. I am also grateful for the partnership with NWN, and that is what it is, a partnership. I am specifically grateful for the love and support shown to us by our sales Rep Melissa B. She has made an amazing connection with us here at B2G and is always available to answer a question, find the answer to a question if she doesn’t know it herself, and offers amazing cheerleading and support for your brand to be a success in our store” (Tracey).

Favorite Northwest Naturals Products

“My dogs current favorite product is the Bulk Lamb Bars – it is by far their favorite protein and my husband loves the convenience of the bars – easy to get out of the box frozen to defrost for the next day, easy to measure (count) how many pounds you want at a time and they are great value for money – plenty of meat and almost no “juice” sitting in the container after they defrost” (Tracey).

“I really don’t think any ONE product sells the best because you have so many options for us to choose from and we have so many diverse customers, everyone thinks they get the best NWN product and none of them are wrong!” (Tracey).

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Rawkstar Retailer – Paws & Pints

Paw and Pints – Bonetique

Paws and Pints is now open! Come listen to live music, grab a coffee from our 5 Borough Express, get some work done on our patio, or hangout and have a drink with friends. All while your dog can get exercise, socialization, and have a blast! On your way out, stop by the Bonetique, featuring our NWN selection. Download our mobile app and book your grooming, bathing, training, lodging and daycare services today.


History of business?

Paws & Pints is the first of its kind, providing everything your dog could ever want, all under one woof! This concept and journey began 5 years ago when the owners, Megan and Kyle Casey, visited Colorado and saw a dog bar for the first time.

They fell in love with the concept of dog owners coming together and enjoying a cocktail, while their dogs can get the socialization and exercise, they need. Kyle and Megan knew Des Moines lacked dog-friendly options for the three members of their tribe, Kora, Murphy, and Myers, who they take everywhere with them. They were constantly driving to different appointments all across central Iowa for grooming, training, vet services, and going to the dog park. That’s when the pair of canine enthusiasts decided to set out to find a bigger, and more exciting way to bring the DSM dog community together. After extensive research and preparation, it was time to em-bark on this journey and open their own Doggy Disneyland right here in Des Moines. We officially opened to the public on August 18, 2022.

What makes your business unique?

From the beginning, the goal was to create a business that catered to dogs and their owners at the same time, while also creating a membership that truly has value. Paws & Pints is the first one-stop-shop in the nation that provides unmatched safety, convenience, quality and fun within every service we offer. Our team understands the everyday needs dog owners have, and our unique space allows humans and dogs to have fun together! Your Best Friend’s Bar features upscale bar food and drinks, a coffee house, retail, many TV’s, a live music stage, firepit and a nice patio to hang out with friends or get some work done.

The dog parks provide the socialization and exercise your dog is begging for. With water features, obstacle courses, a jungle gym, walking trails, and SO many tennis balls, the details really make this a one of a kind experience. Our Mo’tail & Spaw offers grooming, daycare, lodging, training, and a future vet clinic. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing the best services to make sure your pup is dreaming about us when they get home.

What do you want your customers to know about your store?

The Bonetique at Paws & Pints is a one-stop-shop for your dog’s nutrition. You can pick up your dog’s food, toys, treats and P&P swag! Our large selection of products is handpicked by our owners themselves to ensure no matter what your pup sniffs out, they are leaving with something that is good for them! That is why we offer a variety of healthy, natural products with only the best ingredients. Northwest Naturals is the perfect example of one of the brands we believe in, because of their environmentally conscious mission. Nothing but the best for our furry friends!

What’s your favorite NWN product and why?

Our Bonetique holds many NWN products, and we’ve received some positive feedback. The FUNctional Toppers are one of our favorites! It is an easy way to add delicious flavor and is made with the highest quality ingredients. Paws & Pints shoppers have expressed their love for convenient food toppers that add something extra to your dog’s nutrition. The Chicken Breast and New Zealand Green Mussels flavor is a drool worthy favorite that aids in joint inflammation and helps with arthritis.

Why is it important to shop local?

There are so many reasons to shop local. Not only is it better for the environment by reducing transportation and carbon footprint, but it is an investment in your community. Local owners’ workday and night to provide the best products and services. There are no cutting corners to meet a worldwide demand like some big corporations. Our Bonetique holds many local brands because the dedication to healthy, natural products is unmatched. Small and local businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating local jobs. The diversity and knowledge of local owners create products and services that you may not find at national chain stores. Shopping locally supports your neighborhood, community and supports future growth! The owners of Paws & Pints have dedicated their life to bringing the best experiences and services to the Des Moines canine community, and that includes bringing in as many local businesses and products as we can.


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TikTok: @pawsandpintsdsm

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Rawkstar Retailer – Olsen’s Grain

Olsen’s started in Chino Valley AZ in 1979 as a dream of Mike and Sherrill Olsen, and Mike’s father John, has become much, much more over the past 43 years. Their objective was to survive as a tiny Purina feed store called Olsen’s Chino Valley Grain. They had a 1940’s feed mill and one lone helper. Today, Olsen’s has grown to 5 stores in North Central Arizona with about 80 enthusiastic, engaged employees. What a difference a few years makes.

With the very early additions of owners Steve and Kathy (Olsen) Sischka, and Dan and Barb Olsen, Olsen’s was ready to take on the future. That future included expansion into Prescott (’80), Dewey (’82), Flagstaff (’97), and Clarkdale (’02). The growth of Northern Arizona also brought large competition. Fortunately, Olsen’s continued to thrive because of our ties to the local communities they serve. Throughout Olsen’s history, they have been committed to helping community partners be successful and continue to invest money, time and talent to that end.

Olsen’s has always been everything animal and pet. As rural animal and pet owners became more sophisticated over the last 43 years, Olsen’s has been there every step of the way. The one thing that hasn’t changed, is their commitment to customer service.

What makes Olsen’s unique?

Although they started as a feed and grain store, they are so much more than that today. Though they still sell those products and other farm and ranch supplies, they also sell quality pet food and products for dogs and cats and so much more. Not only that, but they are also involved in their community and host events outside at their Chino Valley location like a variety of horse shows, barrel racing and roping events.

We want our customers to know what true rural American customer hospitality is all about. As a result, our trademarked motto is, “Good Enough, Just Isn’t”. That’s a tough standard to live up to, but the Olsen’s team strives to reach it every day. Our knowledgeable employees want to help our customers by answering any questions they may have. We aim to provide hometown service and will gladly help load up their vehicles if they need any assistance.

Their favorite Northwest Naturals Products

Personally, I like their Toppers. Great human grade ingredients that have functional benefits while also being a great way to entice dogs to eat. My dogs love the stuff (Ryan Baynes, Prescott Store Manager)

For our Verde location, the best sellers are the Freeze Dried Products (Wendy Drye, Verde Valley Store Manager)

Why is it important to shop local?

It’s important to shop local because our growth over the past 43 years wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for our loyal, local customer. Some of these customers have been supporting us since we opened our first location. Shopping local means supporting our community and our Olsen’s store managers live in the communities we serve. We are totally committed to thinking local, speaking local, and caring local.


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Rawkstar Retailer – All Natural Pet Supply

All Natural Pet Supply

stores in Washington was bought in December 2015 by owner Tom Fralia. Ever since then All Natural Pet Supply has been growing even larger to serve their guests and their furry family members! 2019 was a big year for All Natural Pet Supply as it saw their Hazel Dell location re-open in a new storefront location after a tragic fire claimed the original and then later that year our largest and newest store opened in Battle Ground. All Natural Pet Supply continues to grow and innovate to this day as 2022 saw the Grand Opening of the Kitty Cat Corner Hotel Luxury Cat boarding with 7 suites available inside their Battle Ground location.

What makes All Natural Pet Supply unique?

“We take nutrition very seriously at All Natural Pet Supply, and the training of our staff takes a very high priority with us! Each store has at least one, often multiple certified pet nutritionists on staff. As the sign on the door says, “We are Clark County’s Pet Nutrition Experts.” Our team has a combined 80+ years in the Pet Food industry to serve you, and we are committed to living up to and exceeding the needs and expectations of our human guests and their pets! We stand behind and guarantee every product we sell.”

“Our team is here to help! Is your pet itchy, stinky, or struggling with some other diet related problem? Our team loves to troubleshoot these problems & help you find a food that will help your pet THRIVE!”

What’s your favorite NWN product and why?

“Our favorite is definitely the Original Nugget Diets. The vast majority of our staff are dedicated Raw Feeders and have seen firsthand the difference it makes in the health of our pets. We love supporting a local company and the sustainability practices that Northwest Naturals endorses and practices!”

Why is it important to shop local?

“Shopping local is one of the best ways to support your community! Everyone in our company is part of that local community, we’re your neighbor, your kid’s friend’s parents, even just that person you say hi to in the grocery store, and/or of course your fellow pet lover and owner! When you shop local, that money stays in the community. Many of our guests are business owners as well and we support their businesses right back. It’s all about sharing and supporting your own local community.”

Find them on Social Media!

Instagram: @allnatural_petsupply_

Facebook: @AllNaturalPetSupply

Use their hashtag #anpspets

Also check our their NEW Kitty Cat Hotel!

Instagram & Facebook: @kittycatcornerhotel


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Rawkstar Retailers – Benson’s Pet Center

Benson’s Pet Center

opened its doors under its current ownership in the fall of 1992. A father and son owned business to start, Benson’s has expanded to over 125 employees with 8 retail locations across the Capital Region of Upstate New York, and Pittsfield Massachusetts. They also have a standalone specialty fish store in Saratoga Springs, NY.

What makes Benson’s Pet Center unique?

“Benson’s puts the health, safety, and wellness of pets first.” Through extensive and ongoing training with each and every employee, they go the extra mile to make sure they are serving the animals of their area as best they can, and the people who choose to shop there. Benson’s is known for their vast knowledge of pet food, animal care, and above and beyond customer service. From carrying your dog’s food to the car, to researching best solutions for any issues a customer may have with their pet. Their motto is; “to never say no to a customer. If any of our staff finds themselves wanting to say no, we encourage them to ask someone else how to make it a YES!”

“We are here for YOU! We are happy to answer any and all questions you might have. And if we don’t know an answer to something, we will do our best to find one! We are a wonderful resource for pet nutrition, animal care, and up to date information of all things relating to your pets. We are pet people ourselves, so we understand how much your pets mean to you because they mean the same to us.”

What’s your favorite NWN product and why?

“Here at Benson’s, we absolutely LOVE the texture of the Freeze-Fried food! It’s easy to crumble into a topper, give as a dental treat for cats, or as a complete meal. It’s completely dry, as it should be. We probably sell the Freeze-Fried Chicken Breast the most, but we also really love the Raw Food. We value that the cold process of HPP (high-pressure processing) to preserve the raw does not change the integrity of the product at all. It’s never heated or cooked, so it maintains all of its intended vitamins and minerals.”

Why is it important to shop local?

“Each purchase that is made at Benson’s Pet Center plays a part in supporting the families of each of our employees. Our success directly impacts the people who have dedicated themselves to our company. Whether it’s a part time position, or a lifelong career, the people who work at Benson’s rely on the consumers of our area to shop with us. There are no corporate headquarters states away making decisions without seeing the impact it has on their people. We are all invested in the success of Benson’s as a whole because we believe there is still value in personal connections, impeccable customer service, and doing what’s right, not just what is easy or more profitable. We put animals and people first. In addition to that, we put our dollars back into the local community. We sponsor local sports teams and events, fundraisers, and rescue organizations as well. Our support extends even beyond the world of pets to the special Olympics, baseball and softball teams, and other sports. We care for supply the fish tanks in local schools and have done educational fish presentations for little ones. When it comes to charity contributions for local events, we give as much as we can, as often as we can.”

A Thank You, from Benson’s Pet Center to Everyone!

“We are so grateful to our loyal customers, employees, and executive staff who have all made Benson’s what it is today. From the non-profit organizers, store managers, and vendors, to the people cleaning cricket cages, we are a united team of people from all kinds of backgrounds who have come together with the same objective; to better the lives of every animal we possibly can and support the humans who love them.”

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Rawkstar Retailer – Lake Dog and Their People

Lake Dog and Their People

Shari traded the corporate world to play with dogs! She was an executive recruiter when the pandemic forced her brand to close. Although, timing was right for Shari and everything fell into place when she opened her store, Lake Dog and Their People, in downtown Eufaula, Oklahoma over a year and a half ago. They are a Dog Boutique, Self-dog wash, Doggie Day care and Grooming.

What makes ‘Lake Dog and Their People’ unique?

Only about 1000 ft from water

“Lake Dog and Their People is in a lake Community- Eufaula, Oklahoma. It is the only city in Oklahoma located on a lake. We are about halfway between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. We have visitors, weekenders and locals that shop downtown. So, we offer unique items such as Dog life jackets, dog rafts, dog ice cream to the necessities. Such as food, treats and supplements.  We not only offer items for your fur baby, but we have items for their people too! We have been referred to as a destination store!”

Convenience and service 

If you are visiting the lake or the lake is your home- you do not have to drive to the big city or go online to get healthy food and treats for your dog. We carry quality products. With our self-wash baths, you don’t have to take a stinky dog home. And if you are looking for something to do, you fur baby can come in the store and shop with you!”

New to an already amazing community

It is so exciting to see options in our community that many have not had convenient access to in the past. When a customer comes in and says, “I did not know my dog would be noticeably healthier just by changing the food they eat!” Or… “My dog sheds less or is not itching anymore!”  In addition, I have customers from Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and other larger cities that love the convenience of great items for their lake house, VRBO, Airbnb etc. that they did not have to pack and bring with them! We bring together the love of the lake and dogs.”

What is your favorite Northwest Naturals product?

I have two favorites- the Raw Reward treats, Green Lipped Mussels – My big dog loves them, and they are a great natural way to support her joints and cartilage! My other favorite is the Freeze-Dried Raw diet for dogs – it’s convenient and easy to take with us and there is not a flavor she does not like! I can count on it for a meal or a treat!”

With living off a lake, convenience is a huge factor to think about especially if you have fur babies with you. Our Freeze-Dried Treats and Diets are perfect for anyone visiting the lake with their pups since they are light weight and easy to travel with, there’s no need to thaw the product, and easy to break apart for on the go.

Why is it important to shop local?

“It is important to shop local to invest in our community; it makes for a great place to visit and live! Our tourism is crucial for the future growth and development of our town. We have more people that visit the town than live here, so we appreciate the tax dollars that support the services and public safety we all benefit from and enjoy.”

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Rawkstar Retailer – NorthPoint Pets

NorthPoint Pets

Founded in 2014 by Nicole Cammack, NorthPoint Pets mission was to fill a void for pet parents with information and transparency in the pet food industry. Nicci understood that, while there are countless pet stores and unending opportunities for buying online, much of the information about pet food and health is incomplete, biased, or misleading more times. Since then, NorthPoint has grown into an incredible pet resource center, boasting several national awards as the leader in independent pet retail innovation, education, health, nutrition, and transparency.  

What makes NorthPoint unique

“Our diverse, knowledgeable team of experts and our unbiased and honest information makes NorthPoint Pets such a one-of-a-kind store. We are all incredibly dedicated to what we do; it’s not just research and science, but also a general understanding that the world of pet food is confusing, overwhelming, and

 contradictory. Our store owner, Nicole Cammack, is PhD student at the University of Georgia, where she’s studying canine metabolomics and the relationship between nutrition and disease in dogs.”

A honest, transparent, science-based approach

“We get it – the world of pet nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming! It’s not easy to know what the right answer is when it comes to our pets, especially with industry trends and marketing. At NorthPoint, we have an honest, transparent, science-based approach that we’ll customize to your pet’s unique needs for the best health and longevity. Our expert team is eager to help you navigate the best course of action for your pet, without all the marketing gimmicks.

Favorite Northwest Naturals Product

“I would say it has to be the fruit and veggie cubes! It’s this perfectly convenient, uncomplicated way of introducing fresh food to the bowl. Adding fresh food can seem so overwhelming and daunting to some pet parents, and the veggie cubes make it so easy. Also, fresh veggies are less scary than raw meat, so they’re an awesome gateway to raw feeding. They’re also versatile for stuffing into chew toys and puzzle feeders as well.”  

Why is it important to shop local?

“Local businesses are the heartbeat of any community, breathing personality and diversity into the town. They are built by our friends, family, and our neighbors – ultimately giving back into the communities we call home. Small businesses provide a personalized connection through the customer’s experience – speaking with individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable, always willing to go the extra mile.”


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Rawkstar Retailer – The Stock Shop

The Stock Shop

in Glendale Arizona was started by an animal loving pharmacist who lived in the community and saw a need for a feed store in 1970. Shortly later in 1982 the store was sold to a local 4-H kid (Americas largest youth development organization). He and his family grew the store into what it is today. Feeding and caring for all creatures big and small.

Favorite Northwest Naturals Products

“We love the chubs!!!” Our chubs are a great cost-effective way to feed a complete raw diet and are especially appropriate for households with large or multiple dogs. A customer favorite at Stock Shop is our Turkey Necks.

What makes The Stock Shop unique?

The Stock Shop is a unique business because of the family atmosphere. They started out as a feed & tack store initially back in the ’70’s but evolved into a pet specialty store. They carry everything from Leopard Gecko’s to hay feed to frozen pet foods, such as Northwest Naturals so they have a need for everyone.

They are a neighborhood store in a great community in Glendale Arizona and they love their customers. If they don’t have something in stock, they will go out of their way to find it and get it at their store for a customer. They also take great pride in educating their staff to meet the wide variety of customers and their needs.


Why is it important to shop local?

“Shopping local is important because these types of businesses support local economies and give back to local communities and causes.  Local businesses employ locals.  We use local distributors.  All of this keeps our local economy thriving.”


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Rawkstar Retailer – Pet Food Depot

Pet Food Depot

has been in Phoenix Arizona, with two other locations in Cave Creek and Scottsdale AZ, since 1990. They are family owned and operated for over 3 generations. Pet Food Depot is a full-service pet supply store feeding all animals from A-Z. While being an independent pet store, they are not small with approximately 8,000sq ft of pet needs – one of the largest in Arizona!   

32 years is a long time to be within the same community. “We have people move away but still make the drive to see us” says Pet Food Depot, “that says something… we love our customers, we love to watch their kids grow up, we especially love to see their kids shop with us. Most of all we love their pets.” 

Their favorite NWN product and why? 

“The Raw Frozen Dinner Bars have been a game changer for one of our dogs. Buddy is 12 years old, and it has extended his wellbeing. He also loves the Freeze-Dried Nuggets. His tail has grown back, and his coat is soft and shiny.” 

What makes Pet Food Depot unique?

“We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers. We are very knowledgeable about pet nutrition, especially natural dog food, and are always updating our inventory on launched products. Our stores have a huge array of products for any pet lover to choose from. We are not your average pet store. Our original location has a rustic charm that only an America’s Country Store can bring to your shopping experience. Our other location is unique to its area. We pay close attention to dog food reviews and ratings and offer top-rated dog foods. Check out Yelp, Yahoo, and Google Plus for our 4-5 star rating. We feed all animals from A-Z! 

We carry the best pet supply options for your pet, including raw nutrition, unique toys, vaccines, grooming supplies, natural dog treats, and trendy fashion, including cooling bandanas, vests, and life jackets, with many items made right here in the U.S.A. Stop by one of our stores so we can share our pet love and knowledge.” 

Why is it important to shop local? 

“Everyone knows the old adage that when you spend money in locally owned businesses rather than big box stores – more money stays in local communities. 

That is because we support local rescues, schools, and programs. Our neighborhood is supported because we are a neighborhood pet store. Local businesses are unique, and they give character to the local communities. Our customer service is better because it is family providing the service.”  


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Instagram @petfooddepotPhx, @petfoodepotscottsdale, @petfooddepot_in_cavecreek 

Facebook @petfooddepotarizona


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Rawkstar Retailer – Bark Avenue

Bark Avenue

Offering pet services in Mesa, AZ for over 30 years, Bark Avenue sets themselves apart in more ways than one. Bark Avenue was purchased by Dr. Ryan Ainsworth in 2018, a veterinarian who graduated with a doctorate’s degree from Illinois State University in 2008. After graduating he started his work in the pet industry at commercial pet stores, which led Dr. Ainsworth wanting to create a unique experience for his clients where they could have everything in one place, so when Bark Avenue went on the market for sale, he knew it was the perfect place to do so.  

Bark Avenue offers a vast variety of pet services: pet supplies, lodging, daycare, training and grooming at their Mesa and Gilbert locations. 

Check out their website for more information.  


“Bark Avenue has always tried to be a destination for nutritional knowledge. We spend a lot of time with our staff training them on the foundation of pet nutrition. We don’t want to be that typical commercial pet store where you come in and you go grab a bag of pet food yourself,” Dr. Ainsworth said. He went on to describe the personalized approach Bark Avenue brings to their customers. “…we want it to be a destination more than just convenience,”  Bark Avenue takes pride in spending quality time with each customer to figure out what food is best for your pet(s). 

Ben the director of operations mentioned their secret to keeping their customers coming back for more is having employees who know what they are talking about when asked about nutrition. They take time hiring high quality employees to provide high quality service. With all the training received Ben believes that a raw diet, “…is the most biologically appropriate food for our animals….If we had to pick of course, we would take them to that section.” He has strategically set up the store to direct customers to raw food, “We have a wall of freezers which a lot of people haven’t seen something like this.” 

Bark Avenue is Different

Although a lot of veterinarians are not for raw diets, Dr. Ainsworth has a different philosophy, which he shared with us, “We aren’t going to be the end all be all for every single pet parent out there, we have a very specific focus on the diets we carry…We need to get them whatever works best for them. And I have seen lots of animals that come in on raw diets, even Northwest Naturals – and they look good, great coats, nice trim…For people that have never had it (raw food) before and want to transition, it can be a long transition. You must be a very dedicated owner to do that and it’s not for the faint of heart. But when pets are on it people can see the amazing differences especially with GI issues, and coat issues.” 

The Brands they Carry

Every employee at Bark Avenue is very knowledgeable about the products the store carries and knows the exact reason why they were brought into the store in the first place. “We pride ourselves on the brands we carry, there are not many big box brands here. We are extremely picky with what even comes in our door because we care about the safety of our pets, and we care what they are eating at the end of the day. A lot of it’s going to start with nutrition. So, we base everything in the store on that,” said Ben. “We’ve chosen the brands that we carry because we feel like they are the highest quality pet food out there. We focus a lot more on the smaller companies and mom and pops. I know Northwest Naturals has been around for a while and I’ve seen firsthand the pets that are on your food, and they look good.” Dr. Ainsworth added to the conversation. 

Favorite Northwest Naturals Product:

Their favorite Northwest Naturals product is our Raw Frozen Whitefish recipe for dogs and cats. Although, they love the convenience that comes with our Freeze-Dried products as well. Freeze Dried Treats specifically are another favorite with the variety of single ingredient flavors there are to pick from. “I try to push freeze dried treats to everybody – I think it’s a simple way to up a diet, instead of doing carbohydrate filled treats, let’s do a whole raw treat instead and cut out all the other fillers in other products.” (Benjamin) 


“I have always wanted to create a place for my customers to have a one stop shop to board, groom, hospital, and food – under one roof, and this was the perfect opportunity. The fact that its veterinarian owned plus locally owned and operated we can be a lot more nimble on our decision making. We do want to open other location over the valley, but we are taking it slow – we are very selective. These types of stores aren’t deciduous in the valley- there are a few locations, but I think it’s important for people to come into our stores to see the difference. its night and day. We don’t just hire random people; our staff gets a lot of training. We don’t want our customers to ask a question and not be able to get an answer. We carry tons of supplement-based products also. They can come into their vet appointment and ask me questions based on their health about what they should buy at our pet supply store to best benefit their pet’s health.” – Dr. Ainsworth. 


People Mentioned: 

Benjamin Dillon – Director of Operations  

Dr. Ryan Ainsworth – Owner and veterinarian at clinic 

Ellie Urquidez – Marketing Director  

Lillie Ramsey – Social Media Specialist for NWN  


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